Weekend Pics

 Saturday morning cuddle puddle
 BFF & I at the brewery. Wee little elves in our red and green.
Gaga rockin' that tiara.

Apparently I had a nice, chill, little weekend because I don't have many pictures to show. We had a great time in LA on Saturday visiting with BFF&Co where we got to see Santa, eat, drink and be merry. A very close friend of the family passed away suddenly Sunday morning so that was a huge shock and quite sad. My mom came to watch the kids so Husband & I could shop for them and she could have a distraction from her grief. We lunched at Yolanda's, took naps and then had dinner together. It's eerily reminiscent of my dad passing away, both of them on the 18th, a week before a major holiday. It's a very strong reminder to not waste your very precious days of life. Live them fully. Laugh often. Love hard.

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