Weekend Pics

 An impromptu trip to the zoo gave us the unexpected gift of an 
up close encounter with this fella and his super long purple tongue.
He was so close! I was so happy. I love giraffes (like my Gran).
 This gorilla was so gross. Face down, ass up, eating his own vomit. You're welcome. 
 Know what else was unexpected? Zoo Santa! YAY!
Post Zoo Brew. As we approached the brewery, Christa started saying
 "Jozee, Sasha, Mike, Carewine?" It's good to see she's learning.
 My sister-in-law said we don't have enough pictures together and we ended up with this nonsense where my mother's kitchen light looks like a festive hat. #ornamentparty2016
 Santa to the Sea ran past our house so Husband gave the policeman pancakes.
 My kids got some QT with their cousins.
 Christa decided she loves Uncle Fuzzy Face now. Only took 3 years.
Meal prep! Yah man. No mason jars here! 

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