Double Feature

After date night on Saturday, Husband decided we should watch lady Ghostbusters. And by "we" he clearly meant "you should watch while I sleep beside you on our sofa." Growing up, my brother and I watched the original relentlessly and it is quite sacred because of how heavily it was in rotation during our childhood. While it was in theaters, I was steadfast in my refusal to give it a chance. For $5 on Amazon in my living room, I lost some of my boycott spirit and gave it a go. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how entertained I was and how often I chuckled aloud. Instead of sullying the original, it was honestly a perfectly fine homage. Four of the surviving original cast made cameos that tickled me so. Thor was in it and was very funny while providing some eye candy. The very talented ladies made me laugh quite a bit. I guess it goes to show that having zero expectations really pays off sometimes.

And since I stayed up nice and late watching Ghostbusters, I was good and tired when on Sunday morning I decided to drag Gaga, Christa and Casey to the first showing of Moana. Husband and the boy had already seen in in Michigan and they both had excellent things to say about the story and the music (from the genius behind Hamilton). It pretty much goes without saying that I love all things Disney but I loved Moana. The music was goose-bump worthy. The visuals were superbly beautiful. The story of a girl saving the day with zero love interest was refreshing and motivational. I spent a lot of time with tears welling up in my eyes because of sentimental characters. I adored Moana's crazy island grandmother. Christa fell in love with The Rock's Maui. Heihei the chicken made everyone laugh. I just cannot say enough good things about the magic of Moana. Go. Then go again. And then probably buy the soundtrack.

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