2016 Recap

We started the year off with the in-laws in town. Went to Universal Studios. Got sucked into Making a Murderer on Netflix in a CRAZY way. Hit the LA Zoo. Apparently found a gray hair.

Christa turned 2. Started looking for a puppy. Went to Knott's Berry Farm.

Painted ceramics for the first time. Husband and I celebrated the ten year anniversary of him commenting on my blog and starting "us." Painted Christa's toes and got her in dress shoes and a poofy dress. Girly! Celebrated Easter.

Santa Barbara Zoo. Got my new walking shoes and started getting semi-serious about walking during lunch. My ten years at QPS came to an end bitterly. Casey and Husband shaved their heads for cancer. Got to see my friend Mandy for the first time in a decade or more. Welcomed Mabel into our home. Ronald Reagan Library with BFF & Co. Christa started potty training. Interviewed at my current job and was hired shortly thereafter. Went to Solvang and visited Jangles at the Ranch.

Enjoyed being unemployed for the three weeks between jobs. Built a new gate. Cut my attempt at long hair. Disneyland, overnight at the Grand Californian and California adventure plus we met up with BFF & Co. Lots of outdoors and pool time. Mother's Day. Started really walking since I had no job. Celebrated turning 39 at my birthday Dodgers game with the Besties. Celebrated my 7-year wedding anniversary. Overhauled my wee patch of garden to attract more butterflies. Painted Rancho Viernes. Started the new job. Hit the beach.

The Bun died. Casey finished Kindergarten. Celebrated five years in our house. Did Father's Day at the beach. Went to a Dodger game on one of the hottest days in recent history and got busted for drinking beers in the parking lot by some bicycle cops. Rediscovered Bob Ross (Oh thank you, Netflix). Saw BFF & Co a lot this month and celebrated Joz & Sasha's birthdays. Did the Painted Cabernet with Husband. Casey had his first bully at camp.

San Diego for a Padres game with BFF & MIKE. Visited with family and friends that moved away. Hit Balboa Park. Lots more outdoor time and gardening. Found Pliny, Visited with Christine & Co. Started reading chapter books to Casey. The in-laws came to visit.

Finished the world's longest book 1Q84. The Donald Trump Shit Show officially started affecting my mental health. Hub came to care for my mom after her hip replacement. VC Fair. Casey had an eye exam to prove he can see just can't focus. Casey started 1st grade. Did a mortgage re-fi and really started focusing on our finances. Got a fish. Celebrated Casey's 6th birthday with a poop cake. Saw and met Jo Koy. Had a cold. More beach and pool and outdoor time. SB Zoo to meet baby giraffes.

Got the fitbit and started checking in to track better eating habits and movement. Cheered Ang & BFF at the end of their boob walk. More beach time before Hub left. Checked off a bucket list item and saw the legendary Garth Brooks in concert and had our first overnight without the kids. Saw sea lions at the Channel Islands Harbor. Cut off more hair. Lots more outdoor time. Casey encountered his second bully of the year.

Underwood with BFF & Company.  Celebrated Husband's birthday at Disneyland for their Halloween nights with BFF & Co. Donald Trump grabbed them by the pussy. I voted for her. Dodgers in the playoffs. Vinnie bid us farewell. SB Zoo. Saw Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl which was totally amazing. Did lots of Halloween activities and celebrations.

The election which to me signaled the death of America as I know it caused me so much anxiety that it prompted a brief Facebook deactivation. Celebrated Gaga's birthday. The boys went to Michigan. The women celebrated Thanksgiving in Solvang. My brother and his family moved to Murrieta. Christine & Co. came to town. Christa and I toured Dodger Stadium. Put up our Christmas tree. Saw weight loss progress. Tried to find things to be grateful for and to be optimistic about.

Basically all Christmas all the time. BFF & Co. hosted us to see Santa on their street. I took the kids to see the Santa Float. They saw Santa at the Zoo and at the Collection. We looked at so many lights. Ornament party at mom's. We lost Toni. Saw PJP and met the new baby. Did Painted Cabernet with Mom. Christine & Co. came to town and joined us for our annual cookie decorating. SB Zoo again. Got a new camera I'm anxious to get going. All of us were spoiled rotten and gluttonous. Got to see and meet Bert Kreischer and got accidentally drunk. Way to close out a year right?

In looking back on this year, there was a lot to celebrate. Sometimes it takes a list like this to realize that most of the "bad" comes from the media or from the world, but it's nice to see my little circle is nice and tight and full of happiness and memories. I saw lots of adventures, lots of date nights, lots of movies, lots of time with family and friends, lots of breweries, lots of outdoors time and most importantly: LOTS OF SMILES. The good did far outweigh the bad but Donald Trump and all the deaths of beloved celebrities that truly touched my childhood put a damper on some of that. Might be a good idea to start unplugging a bit in the new year.

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