Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 221.8
No change here. Staying strong at the 222. I still feel like my tummy is not as protruding. I noticed my jeans were looser than usual. I'm doing good bringing my salads to work. I need to work harder on drinking more water. Husband and I talked about cutting back our drinking. Saturday is the six month mark until my fortieth. I am optimistic that I can do the no drinking during the week thing... I just need a good start date.

Lifetime Steps: 600,668
Only 64,213 steps since last week. That's just under 9K steps a day. Not great but not terrible either. I'm not sure what happened last week that I didn't walk as much but I didn't. Since last week I only hit my 10K goal on Wednesday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Four out of seven days isn't too bad.

Frame of Mind:
I'm adding this because my mental health after last night's disastrous election results is definitely in question. Walking makes me feel better. Listening to and singing along to music while walking clears my mind. I took a huge and drastic step last night and disabled my Facebook account and now need to work on reading much less news. I have a book on my desk and I'm charging my Kindle so I can add Girl On A Train. The democrats will be disappointed, the republicans will be cocky and I just can't absorb the emotions of others any more. I can't read any more hateful memes. I can't allow Facebook to distract me any more. It cannot have any more of my attention or time. I need to focus on my children, my husband, on happiness and on the people I actually care about in my life. I'm not a religious person but I may need to harness my spirituality to give me faith that we will get through this terrible time in our nation. I am devastated to learn that the majority of Americans really must believe in hate. It's the only explanation.

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