Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 219.2
I have lost 1.2 since last week and 3.8 since September 1. My goal is 190 but I swear once I see 200 I will do a cartwheel.

Lifetime Steps: 787,489
That's 57,510 for the week which averages out to 8,215 steps a day. Not too shabby but not great. Thursday and Sunday were the only days I hit or exceeded 10K. I spent a lot of time in the car driving to and from LA and Solvang on two separate days. I set up the Wii Dance Revolution game, now I just need to actually play it because boy does that thing work up a sweat and get the old heart racing!

Frame of Mind
I'm much more content now that Husband and Casey are back and I've kicked that cold. I'm also much busier around the house now that school is back in session and holiday schedules are temporarily behind us until Christmas. Last week I had a cold so I was not really hungry or drinking beer but I was also not going on my lunch walks. I was also not cooking so I feel like I ate considerably less since I had no Husband to feed. Monday was a crazy work day and yesterday was so windy so this week is not going so great so far in regards to lunch walking. However, last night we took the kids to see Santa and did a little extra walking around the shopping center to check out the decorations. Hopefully today I can start my walks back up again. I did do meal prep for four days this week and am focusing on smaller portions at dinner. While Husband was away I was hitting or exceeding 8 hours of sleep every night but those days are gone. Water consumption still proves to be an issue. I am going to finish reading Matilda today since that was the only book I was reading and Casey decided he no longer wanted to be a part of that book since we watched the movie midway through and now he knows the ending. I need to work on reading more and playing on the dumb phone less.

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