Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 220.4
I have lost .8 since last week and 2.6 since September 1. Not bad. It's the last day of my period more or less. I have had a cold since Sunday so eating has not been super appealing. This week has been kind of a bust as far as meal planning goes because I didn't bring my salads to work for lunch. I have also been eating dinner out because I don't want to cook or prep food with half my family gone. I went all day Sunday and Monday with no beer and only had one last night. I feel pretty good about that.

Lifetime Steps: 729,979
Only 58,080 steps since last week but again, I have had a cold so haven't walked during my lunch. I spent a lot of time in the car this weekend driving Husband and Casey to LAX and then back home again. It's still an average of 8,297 steps a day so I'm not too upset. Saturday was the only day I hit my step goal in the past week. Sunday, Christa and I did a lot of stair climbing at Dodger Stadium.

Frame of Mind
I really slept like garbage on Friday and Saturday but Sunday night I got almost nine hours of sleep, Monday, I got 9 and a half. Last night I got 9 and a quarter. I've been going to sleep early and getting up to let the dogs out and have gone back to sleep for the past three days. I feel like all that rest is really helping me get over this cold. I had a positively brutal mental breakdown the day Husband and Casey left and cried a river of tears. Lots of stress and anxiety. I should have taken my Xanax but didn't and I have had to deal with some regret over that. With them gone I've been on Facebook a bit too much but I'm getting better at tuning out all this negativity.

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