Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 222
No gaining so that's good. No loss either but whatever. I have seen the numbers fluctuate a pound or two each time I weigh myself so I don't know how consistent things are in the mechanics of my Target scale. I have noticed my stomach doesn't seem as distended and my pants are fitting looser. My legs feel firmer.

Lifetime Steps: 536,455
75,455 steps since last Wednesday so that averages out to about 10,779 steps a day. That's actually pretty awesome. I read someplace that the fitbit doesn't really help folks lose weight but it definitely inspires me to move more and frankly I think that's what is most important. Since last Wednesday, I only didn't hit my goal of 10K steps Sunday and yesterday but I was VERY close both times.

Overall I think I'm still doing pretty good about the eating thing. I successfully brought salads four times last week and I am on track to repeat that this week. I got some new earbuds so my music listening experience is better on my lunch walks. I'm working on cutting back on the weeknight drinking still. Not so great at that. I did have wine last night instead of beer and I noticed I didn't feel as bloated and got a better night's sleep. Maybe I'll switch to wine. Ha! Halloween candy everywhere for the last month has been quite intimidating but so far I've been good about sticking to one or two small pieces when I do submit. Next Saturday is the 6-month mark until I turn 40 so I'm going to have to really get serious if I want to get down to 190 by then.