I really wasn't entirely excited about this movie in particular so I didn't have one iota of expectation walking into it. In an entirely selfless mom move, I let Husband stay home and took the kids to a movie they wanted to see. I know right? I'm a saint. We took in the very first show of Trolls on a Sunday morning and the theater was so packed we were basically in the front row. I guess my kids weren't the only one that wanted to see it.
As a grown up person, I was pretty optimistic considering the cast but I have grown cautious when it comes to Dreamworks movies. I guess I'm a Disney snob through and through. The only way I can describe this movie is that it was a musical rainbow. If you've seen Pitch Perfect, you know that Anna Kendrick can sing and she's the lead troll, Princess Poppy. Justin Timberlake plays her rival slash comrade and we all know he's got pipes. The soundtrack is incredibly fun and thanks to it being free for download on Amazon Prime, I now walk to it and play it for me and the kids at home. JT's "Can't Stop The Feeling" was basically my summer anthem as far as feel good music and the rest of the songs are just as good. I swear I couldn't stop the tears when he sings True Colors.
The movie looks like stop motion felt. It's a very warm and fuzzy kind of atmosphere. The Trolls are basically living a happy life full of dancing and singing and hugging but they fear the evil Bergens who think the only way they can be happy is if they eat the trolls. The Bergens show up and cause trouble and then Poppy and Branch have to save the day. It's a fun and silly adventure with some mildly scary parts but nothing a two year old couldn't handle. I laughed quite a bit. The kids were enthralled. I highly recommend it if you have kiddos.

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