Thankful Tuesday

I usually do this in November so why not now when I'm only 15 days into the month.
1. For my family, immediate and extended.
2. That Husband and I are both employed 
3. For Maria who takes such good care of my children
4. For my pets that amuse me: Betty, Mabel and the fish named Fire.
5. That Casey goes to such a nice school and has such a nice teacher
6. That I'm lucky enough to have had parents that made it possible for me to be a homeowner
7. That I have two cars that are paid off
8. That I was able to roll my stupid student loans into my mortgage so they are no longer a constant burden of worry
9. For the ability to spoil my children with the things they don't need and provide the things they do need
10. For friendships that span decades and seem to survive even when it's only texts keeping us together
11. That we are insured
12. That we live in California
13. For my education
14. That California legalized weed
15. For a nice cold beer at the end of the day

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