I'm With Her

Yesterday, my son came home from school to tell me that we were getting a new president. I told him that was true and that a man named Donald Trump was running against a woman named Hillary Clinton. Because he doesn't know any better and we don't talk politics in front of him, he told me he hoped Donald Trump won. I told him no he did not because he was a bad man that said mean things and wasn't nice to women. Then I dropped it because he's six and I don't need to go off on a first grader. This election has taken such an emotional toll on me and I didn't want to take it out on him.

I've seen my extended family and Husband's family support Trump over the past few months and it's been heartbreaking. I've seen HRC be scrutinized in the most skewed and unfair ways humanly imaginable. I've seen a terrible man make hatred seem commonplace. The words "grab her by the pussy" were in the news because of him. The news! He has mocked the disabled, threatened to punish women who choose abortions, and has spread vitriol full of antisemitism, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, misogyny, ignorance... with no actual political experience. I am so anxious for all of this to be behind us. 

This morning, election day, I was dropping Christa off at Mamamia's house only she wasn't there. She was voting. I watched her return from the polls with her "I voted" sticker and my heart swelled with pride and hope and optimism. I tried very hard not to cry tears of happiness.  I am so confident that all the women, immigrants and minorities will come out in droves to prove that love trumps hate. I looked at my daughter and said "I hope she voted for the very first woman president." Like just take a moment and let that soak in. The very first one. My children were born under a black president and now this. What a time to be alive.

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