Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 222.6
I'm pretty sure this was last Wednesday's weigh in, too, more or less. Fun little note, I was a day ahead of my period starting and I think today is the last day so that makes sense as far as weight fluctuation. I had no idea it was time for that, either. A total shock. I need to start tracking that better on my blog or in my calendar or something.

Lifetime Steps: 461,000
This is 53,500 steps in a week. That averages about 7,600 steps a day. I only hit/exceeded my steps goal on Sunday and Monday since last Wednesday. There was no walking at lunch last week at all. Not my best effort. I did walk during my lunch hour on Monday and plan to walk for the rest of the week. The weather is much better now, hopefully it won't rain tomorrow and the dang Santa Anas can take a break.

As far as food and drink go, last week was not great. This week is better. I had my healthy food packed for Monday and I'm looking good for the rest of the week.  Yesterday I had a lunch date with husband and sort of indulged in a bigger lunch than I would have normally had. I guess we were kind of celebrating husband's interview because it was his second one and it was two hours long and I am just super proud of him. I didn't snack in the afternoon at all. I had a reasonable dinner. Both Monday and last night I stuck to the one beer idea. Let's see if I can't get that habit to stick.

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