Weigh In Wednesday

I have no real progress to speak of since last week. I weighed in at 222 this morning and have no one to blame but me because I have not been eating particularly well and I've yet to cut back on beer like I keep threatening to do. We're halfway into the week and I've not walked yet. Monday I had a lunch meeting for work and yesterday I hooked up with Husband. The remainder of the week looks like record high heat and winds so... yeah. No bueno. I hit my goal for walking on Friday and Saturday but Sunday I was just under the mark. Up to 407,500 lifetime steps. On a more positive note, I do believe I can do salads for the next three work days and drink more water. It's the little things.

Currently I'm very excited about the Dodgers being in the playoffs. Two consecutive shut-outs is nothing to take for granted. The only game I missed was when we went to the movie and they lost that one so I'm making a concerted effort to not miss another. I wonder if my Dad is just losing his mind because I know my mom, my brother and I are just going crazy. It's funny to watch the kids freak out at me screaming which in turn causes the pups to go nuts. Haha! Breeding the next generation of Dodgers fans.

And since I have weighed in on my weight and sports, might as well do a dose of politics. Happy to say I mailed in my ballot on Monday. I'm with her, despite her faults. This election has caused me so much stress. I get sick to my stomach reading article after article. Trump is a POS that has bred nothing but hatred, racism and misogyny. It will be nice to bid him good riddance. I read a line today that really made me think of the positive outcome of this shit show and thought I'd share it with you here in closing:

It may take a true party-wide catastrophe for the GOP rank and file to come to terms with the United States that exists, not the one they wish they could call back into being.

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