Weigh In Wednesday

It's been a minute since I checked in on my fitness here on the old blog so I thought I might make it a thing again. I have been trying not to obsess about the number on the scale as much as moving more and eating better. However, this morning, the scale said 220.8 and I got really excited because it hasn't been at 220 in a long time. My goal is to get back to my post-Christa/end of maternity leave weight of 190 by my 40th which is exactly 7 months away. I got the fitbit about six weeks ago and I have to say, it really has me paying attention a lot more.

  • I've been doing really well about bringing salads to work. Our goal is to have salads 4x/week so I make sure I stock up on skinless chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs and lots of veggies. Good for the walled and the waistline.
  • For breakfast I try to have a banana and oatmeal. I'm not as good about this, sometimes I fall into banana bread or muffins instead. I am at about three cups of coffee a morning and that spoon full of sugar each time probably should be cut back but baby steps! 
  • For snacks, I have been trying to eat fruits and veggies or cheese and pretzels, all pre-portioned as to not eat too much.
  • I'm not so good about dinner. Or beer drinking. I'm getting there. I have definitely cut way back on night time and weekend snacking though.
  • We recently had another hot spell so I think I took about a week off of walking at work. This week I have walked twice and it's my goal to walk twice more before Friday. I was averaging about 3x/week before it got so hot.
  • In the six weeks since I have had the fitbit, I have lost 2.2 pounds. 
  • I have 354,057 lifetime steps so that's neat. That's like 177 miles in six weeks.
  • I've been drinking way more water.
  • I honestly feel guilty when I don't hit my 10K/day and the other day whilst running errands my fitbit battery died and I was real bummed my steps weren't getting counted. Also, the stroller threw my steps off at Disneyland so I was robbed! Haha. Psycho.

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