Book Review

Back in August when I finished that crazy 1Q84 book, I decided I wasn't ready for a full blown book for a while. Aside from reading a bit to the kids every night, I have sort of dabbled in my very first Kindle purchase: Nightmares! I chose this one because I figured it would be as light as can be and because it was written by Jason Segel who just so happens to be one of my favorite Muppet lovers out there. I had thought maybe I could read through it and then later read it to Casey but after the fact I'm not quite sure about that.
This book is mostly about a kid named Charlie. His mother passed away and his father remarried a lady he is convinced is a witch. She moves them into her creepy mansion and Charlie is haunted by nightmares. He finds himself transported through a portal into the Netherworld where a witch wants to eat him and his brother. He gets trapped there trying to save his kidnapped brother and with the help of his school friends, he helps the children of the town to conquer their fears in order to save their town from the evil principal. In the process, he realizes and conquers his own fears.
I don't know if I loved the book but it was cute and spooky. It's been a while since I read something for myself that was illustrated. There is a bit of suspense and some lessons to be learned about facing your fears like test taking, being made fun of, and being different. I appreciated how it sort of subtly addressed one of Charlie's friends having a mom that suffered from depression and how Charlie's mom got sick and died young. Sometimes it takes a format like this to get kids talking.  Hopefully, now that I have finished it, I will be inspired to dive into something else. Not sure if I will buy another Kindle book or if I'll grab an actual paper book off the shelf. The options are endless.

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