Halloween Pre-game Weekend Pics!

 We went trick or treating at Farmer's Market.
I tried dressing as Christa.
 The kids and their haul.
 Fambam at McGrath... Nice tradition
 Tractor ride
 Casey being a goof
 Christa helping Daddy
 She loves animals.
 We carved in the rain and were rewarded with a rainbow!
Husband's Gene Simmons that looks like the bad guy from Mulan 
My free hand kitty cat
My attempt at a witch kitty with a jack o'lantern for Christa
Dad's Star Wars clone for Casey



Haiku Friday

The rain was falling
And Mabel seemed quite concerned
It's her first downpour 
Didn't last long though
All that's left are the gray skies
And some big puddles
I'm not complaining
Hollywood Bowl is tonight
Rather not be soaked


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 222.6
I'm pretty sure this was last Wednesday's weigh in, too, more or less. Fun little note, I was a day ahead of my period starting and I think today is the last day so that makes sense as far as weight fluctuation. I had no idea it was time for that, either. A total shock. I need to start tracking that better on my blog or in my calendar or something.

Lifetime Steps: 461,000
This is 53,500 steps in a week. That averages about 7,600 steps a day. I only hit/exceeded my steps goal on Sunday and Monday since last Wednesday. There was no walking at lunch last week at all. Not my best effort. I did walk during my lunch hour on Monday and plan to walk for the rest of the week. The weather is much better now, hopefully it won't rain tomorrow and the dang Santa Anas can take a break.

As far as food and drink go, last week was not great. This week is better. I had my healthy food packed for Monday and I'm looking good for the rest of the week.  Yesterday I had a lunch date with husband and sort of indulged in a bigger lunch than I would have normally had. I guess we were kind of celebrating husband's interview because it was his second one and it was two hours long and I am just super proud of him. I didn't snack in the afternoon at all. I had a reasonable dinner. Both Monday and last night I stuck to the one beer idea. Let's see if I can't get that habit to stick.


Weekend Pics

 Didn't have much to do so we headed to the zoo.
 They were all set up for Boo at the Zoo which we absolutely must attend next year.
 The penguin window is my favorite place to take their picture.
 I wish they'd pose nice just once. Not sure what he's up to here.
 On Saturday night we went down to Hawthorne to watch the Dodgers lose horribly.
Thank goodness for these cuties to make it all better. Yes, I cried.
 Sunday the kids were kind of meh and coughing 
so we skipped a birthday party and hit Farmer's Market instead.
Thank you, balloon man, for bringing my kids joy. 
You know they have no toys and never get anything ever.


Haiku Friday

It is a hard year
To bleed blue for the Dodgers
Said "Goodbye, Vinnie"
Now it's the playoffs
So close to the World Series
Yet so far away
The Cubs want it bad
And LA keeps fucking up
Here's to Saturday


Book Review

Back in August when I finished that crazy 1Q84 book, I decided I wasn't ready for a full blown book for a while. Aside from reading a bit to the kids every night, I have sort of dabbled in my very first Kindle purchase: Nightmares! I chose this one because I figured it would be as light as can be and because it was written by Jason Segel who just so happens to be one of my favorite Muppet lovers out there. I had thought maybe I could read through it and then later read it to Casey but after the fact I'm not quite sure about that.
This book is mostly about a kid named Charlie. His mother passed away and his father remarried a lady he is convinced is a witch. She moves them into her creepy mansion and Charlie is haunted by nightmares. He finds himself transported through a portal into the Netherworld where a witch wants to eat him and his brother. He gets trapped there trying to save his kidnapped brother and with the help of his school friends, he helps the children of the town to conquer their fears in order to save their town from the evil principal. In the process, he realizes and conquers his own fears.
I don't know if I loved the book but it was cute and spooky. It's been a while since I read something for myself that was illustrated. There is a bit of suspense and some lessons to be learned about facing your fears like test taking, being made fun of, and being different. I appreciated how it sort of subtly addressed one of Charlie's friends having a mom that suffered from depression and how Charlie's mom got sick and died young. Sometimes it takes a format like this to get kids talking.  Hopefully, now that I have finished it, I will be inspired to dive into something else. Not sure if I will buy another Kindle book or if I'll grab an actual paper book off the shelf. The options are endless.


Weigh In Wednesday

I have no real progress to speak of since last week. I weighed in at 222 this morning and have no one to blame but me because I have not been eating particularly well and I've yet to cut back on beer like I keep threatening to do. We're halfway into the week and I've not walked yet. Monday I had a lunch meeting for work and yesterday I hooked up with Husband. The remainder of the week looks like record high heat and winds so... yeah. No bueno. I hit my goal for walking on Friday and Saturday but Sunday I was just under the mark. Up to 407,500 lifetime steps. On a more positive note, I do believe I can do salads for the next three work days and drink more water. It's the little things.

Currently I'm very excited about the Dodgers being in the playoffs. Two consecutive shut-outs is nothing to take for granted. The only game I missed was when we went to the movie and they lost that one so I'm making a concerted effort to not miss another. I wonder if my Dad is just losing his mind because I know my mom, my brother and I are just going crazy. It's funny to watch the kids freak out at me screaming which in turn causes the pups to go nuts. Haha! Breeding the next generation of Dodgers fans.

And since I have weighed in on my weight and sports, might as well do a dose of politics. Happy to say I mailed in my ballot on Monday. I'm with her, despite her faults. This election has caused me so much stress. I get sick to my stomach reading article after article. Trump is a POS that has bred nothing but hatred, racism and misogyny. It will be nice to bid him good riddance. I read a line today that really made me think of the positive outcome of this shit show and thought I'd share it with you here in closing:

It may take a true party-wide catastrophe for the GOP rank and file to come to terms with the United States that exists, not the one they wish they could call back into being.


Movie Review

It has been months since I've seen a grown-up movie in the theater. This past weekend I let Husband pick our date and he chose the fancy theater in Westlake Village that has table-side service and reclining chairs. We sure know how to live it up and spend tons of money on things we don't need to spend tons of money on. He chose The Magnificent Seven which is a remake of a fifty-six year old cowboy movie. How about that?
I will see anything that stars Chris Pratt so I was sold. I certainly wouldn't kick Denzel out of my bed, either, so Husband got cowboys and I got eye candy. It was a win-win. The story is about a small town with a rich miner baron type person trying to take over so he can have all the gold to himself. This bad guy was played by Peter Sarsgaard who I have decided is a John Malkovich-lite. The town wants to fight back so they enlist the help of a group of seven misfits to help them form their army. There's a bounty hunter, a gambler, a tracker, a sharp shooter, a Japanese fella that throws knives, a Mexican outlaw and a Native American that was given the boot by his tribe. Diversity at its finest.
There is nothing in this movie that wasn't totally predictable. It was a good time with lots of horse riding and gun slinging and dirty cowboys. Did you know Ethan Hawke still acts? He looked pretty worse for the wear for being a former heartthrob. Vincent D'Onofrio was a scenery chewer. Other than that, the acting was good enough. The lead gal was a Jennifer Lawrence clone and I found it to be very distracting. So there's that! Didn't love it, didn't hate it. It was a cowboy movie. I watched it with zero expectations and walked away entertained. The End.


Quiet Weekend Pics

We did very little this weekend other than run errands. We watched the Dodgers play baseball. We took naps. I tried to walk when I could. I'm digging the fall, slowing things down a bit.
 Getting better at this hair thing. She seriously hates this dress. 
Not sure what we'll do for Halloween.
 Princess Anna & Black Panther at the Disney Store Halloween Dress Rehearsal.
 Had an Agua Fresca cocktail and the watermelon wedge slayed me. 
Being drunk probably made the whole thing a lot funnier.
Date night with the hubby watching Magnificent 7 at the fancy theater 
that has table-side service and reclining chairs. 


Haiku Friday

Let's lighten things up
Before the weekend sets in
Things got too heavy
Dodgers won last night
Boy that was a nail biter!
 Bring on the cubbies
Wearing pink today
For October Breast Cancer
Garth Brooks makes me smile


Throwback Thursday

I was almost sixteen before I got my first kiss. Since I was a late bloomer, I was pretty conservative with sexual conduct when I was in high school because I was so afraid of getting pregnant. I never once had a boy not respect the fact that I didn't want to have sex. There were so many girls at my Catholic school that had rumored abortions or were visibly pregnant... it was sort of terrifying. Plus there was the religious guilt I guess. Shortly after graduation, I lost my virginity and got pregnant with the very first guy I'd had sex with. That pregnancy ended in an abortion and it made me very cautious about sleeping around.
When I was in my early twenties, I lived in a guest house behind my uncle's house. It was my first time living a way from home. I was in college. I was working at a music store and I was feeling very independent. All of a sudden, I wasn't this awkward teenager and I was getting plenty of attention from guys. It was sort of crazy and new but I didn't have a serious boyfriend so I played the field a bit. Some experiences were fun, some were strange and one was positively gross.
I can remember that instance very clearly. I was in my room with this guy who I thought was so good looking. He had an accent and he was older. I was smitten and he was actually interested in me! We were on my bed under the Antonio Banderas Desperado poster and we were kissing. I wouldn't exactly say things were hot and heavy but all of a sudden he reached down between my legs and grabbed me pretty forcefully.
It was not romantic. It was not consensual. Maybe it was because of past experience or whatever the case but I got so scared. I told him to stop but the words alone were not enough and he was being persistent and sort of argumentative. Very defensive and accusing me of leading him on. I jumped up and told him to leave and I'm sure he muttered how awful I was but he left.
Maybe I was leading him on. Maybe I was a prude. Whatever the case, I was lucky. Now that I know more, it would appear most similar situations don't end that nicely. Ever since I heard Donald Trump and this grab them by the pussy bullshit, I haven't been able to stop flashing back to that night on that bed. When I read Facebook or the news and I hear those words being dismissed as nothing more than locker room talk, I get outraged. When I see the absolute lack of understanding when it comes to consent, I'm petrified.
Republicans that are willing to vote for Trump must not have mothers. Or daughters. Or wives. The women who support him must be brainwashed or abused into some sort of dark submission. To dismiss this sort of behavior and still support such a predator as a presidential nominee... It's disappointing at best. Disgusting may be better. I'm so tempted to tell my story sometimes to put a face or a name to this sort of abuse. To say things about abortions. About birth control. About how badly I would prefer politics not including my vagina. But I won't... or can't... so I leave it here.


Weigh In Wednesday

It's been a minute since I checked in on my fitness here on the old blog so I thought I might make it a thing again. I have been trying not to obsess about the number on the scale as much as moving more and eating better. However, this morning, the scale said 220.8 and I got really excited because it hasn't been at 220 in a long time. My goal is to get back to my post-Christa/end of maternity leave weight of 190 by my 40th which is exactly 7 months away. I got the fitbit about six weeks ago and I have to say, it really has me paying attention a lot more.

  • I've been doing really well about bringing salads to work. Our goal is to have salads 4x/week so I make sure I stock up on skinless chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs and lots of veggies. Good for the walled and the waistline.
  • For breakfast I try to have a banana and oatmeal. I'm not as good about this, sometimes I fall into banana bread or muffins instead. I am at about three cups of coffee a morning and that spoon full of sugar each time probably should be cut back but baby steps! 
  • For snacks, I have been trying to eat fruits and veggies or cheese and pretzels, all pre-portioned as to not eat too much.
  • I'm not so good about dinner. Or beer drinking. I'm getting there. I have definitely cut way back on night time and weekend snacking though.
  • We recently had another hot spell so I think I took about a week off of walking at work. This week I have walked twice and it's my goal to walk twice more before Friday. I was averaging about 3x/week before it got so hot.
  • In the six weeks since I have had the fitbit, I have lost 2.2 pounds. 
  • I have 354,057 lifetime steps so that's neat. That's like 177 miles in six weeks.
  • I've been drinking way more water.
  • I honestly feel guilty when I don't hit my 10K/day and the other day whilst running errands my fitbit battery died and I was real bummed my steps weren't getting counted. Also, the stroller threw my steps off at Disneyland so I was robbed! Haha. Psycho.


Weekend Pics

This was a very stay at home weekend aside from running errands.
 I got the dogs matching collars and tried to take their pictures.
 This was the better one. Ha!
 I got to watch my niece and nephew. They had a pizza party.
 There was some couch snuggling.
 My home sounded like an elementary school at recess.
 Christa made herself at home at Pottery Barn
Husband found the wreath of his dreams. Donations accepted.


Haiku Friday

"It's only money."
"Things can totally be worse."
"It will all work out."
Words that comfort us
When things just won't go our way
Despite our efforts
Chaos just rules us
It's the universe's way
We are powerless


We Went To Disneyland!

 For Husband's 42nd, we went to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party.
 Sasha & Casey on his ride
 Me & My Love with his birthday button. So many Happy wishes!
 Me & The Bestie
 Someone didn't nap for one second.
Not sure who was more emotional about this but I was weeping 
and Christa was digging for gold. LOL
 The ride broke down.
So both kids rode with me. Ha!

The rest are here!



  • Turns out Casey's bully situation escalated from name calling on Thursday to kicking him in the butt on Friday. They both ended up in the principal's office with his bully being sent home. Monday there was no confrontation or incident. I hope this passes quickly. I am not amused that he had a bully at camp and now has one in 1st grade.
  • In lighter news, I recommend watching Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. In what is sure to be the shortest review of mine here ever, Husband and I laughed our butts off. The songs are great, the cameos are great. I wish I'd bought the DVD rather than order it for rent. I want to watch it again.
  • Because I'm susceptible to buzz words and gadgets, I let BFF's #fitbyforty brainwash me into buying a fitbit. So far my goals are 10K steps per day and 64 oz of water at work. I've been trying to bring salads lunch 4x/week to work and walking at least 3x/week at work. Yesterday I did not walk at lunch but I did walk with Christa for a good half hour. It's just the idea of moving more for me because I don't want to deprive myself. I like beer and I like eating. 
  • Tomorrow Husband turns 42 and we are going to Disneyland! 


Underwood Friends of the Farm Weekend Pics

 Christa loves animals.
 And now I need a baby goat.
 Mama/Daughter Selfie
 Pony rides
 Rubber duck race
 The Album Cover
 Rooting for white pig
 She may have my OCD.
Watching the animatronic chicken show