Movie Review

Seems to be par for the course now that I mainly see cartoons in the theater. Husband and I watch enough TV that the last thing I want to do on a date is look at another screen. Since we were all off for the holiday, we decided to take the kids to see Kubo and the Two Strings. I had seen the previews and it looked kind of crazy but we decided to chance it. Plus, Matthew McConaughey does a voice and he is Husband's spirit animal so I knew he'd be happy with at least that much.
This is a beautiful movie with a fantastic story full of humor and emotion. The stop-motion animation was wonderfully done. This is a story of a young boy named Kubo. His mother escapes with him as a baby after his grandfather and aunts kill his father and try to steal Kubo's eyes. Kubo and his mother possess magical powers that allow their minds to bring origami to life. After Kubo's mother is killed, her spirit inhabits a wooden monkey and brings it to life to tend to Kubo as he searches for a magical sword and suit of armor to defeat his ghostly grandfather. Along the way, they meet a cursed man in the form of a beetle who aids them on their quest. It all sounds like too much to understand and is heavy with Japanese mythology but I can tell you it flows effortlessly.
Christa and Casey were engaged for the span of the film. I absolutely adored it and encourage anyone to see it. At times, there are some pretty scary moments like the aunts and the garden of eyes under the sea. The kids didn't seem to mind that at all. They cheered and worried for Kubo and at the end wanted more. I laughed and cried and sat in awe of it all. It is truly one of the better movies I have ever seen.

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