Happy Birthday, Poo.

Dear Daddy,
Today you would have been 69 years old! Yesterday we watched a movie about a boy who had lost his parents and I cried so hard. I don't know why it hasn't gotten any easier after three years, but it still hurts every day that you're gone. I wish you could see Christa and how she moves her eyebrows just like you. I wish you could see how big Casey is getting. I bet we'd have to stop him from knocking you over with giant hugs just like we do with Gaga. This morning, the kids and I sang Happy Birthday to you in bed as we snuggled because Casey was sure you could hear us.
I miss the smell of your Aramis cologne. I miss your laugh and how your eyes would squint so tight. I miss your goofy faces. I miss the way you would call me babe. I miss having a beer with you and hearing you cuss out the Dodgers. You'd be so happy they're doing so well right now. I miss your hugs and your soft hands. I carry your memory with me everywhere I go and try to keep it alive in everything I do.
Your Daughter


Ang said...

:( there is no crying emoji on my computer. saying some prayers for you randi.

Coodence said...

happy birthday poo! we all miss you.

Christine said...

I miss his cologne too - it's what makes me think of him most. Sending you hugs xoxo