Garth In Anaheim

As we approached the arena, a song that played on loop when my dad was dying and I was commuting constantly back and forth to the hospital came on the loud speaker. It was then I knew I was in for an emotional roller coaster with my dad right by my side.
I can't describe the energy as we got ready to go in. Electric would cover it, I suppose. We got there plenty early. It took us about four hours to get to Anaheim so we were not going to chance traffic making us one second late. We checked in to the hotel and had a few beers and cabbed it to the Honda Center.
We ate a mediocre dinner there and got to go in way before the show. We got memorabilia and beers and found our seats and I nearly shat myself when I saw how close we were. The opening acts were not memorable but I imagine they were good.
Yup. That's the stage. Section 106. On the floor. Row 23. Seats 7 and 8.
Here Husband is honing the ghost of Doug by taking a photograph with a toothpick in his mouth like a good ol' boy country hick. Gotta love it.
Garth opened with Man Against The Machine from his most recent album. That was the one and only "new" song. Thank goodness. That album didn't do it for me but the rest of his catalog rages strong in my heart and blood and soul. Did I mention I love him? And this whole show is a bucket list thing? Yeah. I may have to give that album another listen. Just in case.
This was during The River where everyone put their phones up. It was actually very beautiful. For the duration of the show, all three hours of it, start to finish, EVERYONE was on their feet and singing. It was like Church or something. Truly moving.
Here, the amazing Miss Trisha Yearwood (a.k.a. Mrs. Garth Brooks) came out to sing In Another's Eyes. Then she sang a couple songs while he took a well deserved break. She's great but I was only there for Garth. Period.
And here is the end of the show. The Dance had me shaking sobbing. The rest of the time I was smiling and singing and dancing and acting a fool and gently weeping. My eyes were raw on Saturday. I did not want to leave the Honda Center. I did not want this show to end. The show and Garth far exceeded my every expectation and those expectations were sky high. There was not a song I wished he'd sang but I literally would have sat there for as long as it would take if he chose to sing every song from every album. He is an incomparable performer with a voice like gold and I'm blessed I got to be a part of this. He hadn't been to California in TWENTY years! I don't have a grave where I can visit my dad, but I have moments like this where I can feel his spirit and it's almost religious. On the way home on Saturday and again on Sunday, The Dance came on the radio even though Garth is hardly ever even on the radio and I know my dad was with me.


Christine said...

I love this so much. His show 20 years ago was amazing. He sang the Star Spangled Banner and had the whole place crying (yes, before 9/11). I am so glad you got to see him. xoxo

Lisa..... said...

20 years-that's how long ago I saw him. I bought tickets and my BFF and I saw him. He puts on some kind of amazing performance. Hands down one of the best performers ever. So glad you got to go and felt your Dad's spirit.