Weekend Pics

 We saw all the new babies at the zoo.
 This is Christa's favorite animal. I want one. We also hunted Pokemon.
 The afternoon at home was spent in the back yard playing with squirt guns and bubbles. Mabel will attack both with unbridled glee and determination.
When they wait for Husband to throw the ball, Mabel climbs on Betty's shoulders.
 On Sunday we hit up a new-to-us water park in Oak Park.
Afterwards, we witnessed a violent altercation at McDonald's where the cashier's dad got in a fight with an unruly customer. The guy tried to run him over with his truck and chased him with a hammer. I got to call 911. Good times.
 After nap, Christa decided to make a mud bath.
She is a hoot.
 Then we had fish dinner, got the kids milkshakes and played for a bit. Then I got a tutorial from a ten year old on how to play Pokemon Go and really felt like I hit peak mom status.
I love these damn kids.

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