Weekend Pics

 Family dinner at China Square on Friday night. Delicious food and wonderful hosts. It's nice to go to a restaurant that doesn't mind rambunctious children.
 Apparently Christa & I missed the dress code memo about girls in stripes.
 Curtis was tired at dinner so Frances wanted to join me and Husband on date night.
 Hit up the new Institution Ale Company spot. Beer was on point.
 Saturday morning dog training class taught by Christa
 Looks like a strawberry growing out of the soil. Or something. Weird kid.
 Besties in training.
 Sunday morning it was time for the in-laws to leave. I wept. 
I had taken the kids to see Finding Dory hoping to take the edge off while Husband took the grandparents to the airport. After we got home and ate lunch, we all took naps. When we got up, the house was oddly quiet so we took the kids for cold drinks, a trip to the park, and a long walk to the pizza parlor. Not sure why this departure is hitting us so hard but none of us is taking it well.

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