Ol' Blue Eyes

At his last pediatrician visit, the nurse gave Casey the chart eye exam. He didn't do great so the doctor thought he might be on the cusp of needing glasses. He recommended an optometrist appointment. School starts on Thursday so we went this past weekend just in case the boy needed glasses. I don't know if you know this about me but I hate the eye doctor which is awesome for someone that has a freckle in her eye that needs monitoring and wears corrective lenses. The glaucoma test where the puff of air shoots into your eye is enough to make me cry tears of anxiety. Dentist? No sweat. But forget it with the eyeballs.
I love my son beyond measure but his attention span rivals that of a gnat and he simply has no focus. If he sits still for longer than a minute I am truly stunned. This applies to meal time where he needs to be reminded about every minute to sit still and eat. Even while watching TV or going to a movie, he is in constant motion. I read somewhere that Tylenol during pregnancy leads to ADD in children and I really started to wonder if I was just popping bottles of it when he was baking in me. I know what you're thinking as you read this; Randi, he's five, that's how kids are. I get that. Doesn't change the fact that he's a distracted little squirmy worm.
The other aspect of this whole reading an eye chart is the fact that Casey just started reading. He struggled all through Kindergarten with writing his numbers and letters backwards. As I listened to him read the chart aloud, he would frequently confuse a capital R with A and S with Z. I don't think this has anything to do with vision. There is also the aspect of telling a small child "Can you read me the smallest line you can see?" I think that is a fairly deep concept for a child to grasp rather than, say, "can you read all the lines, start with the top and go down?" The optometrist was also pretty surprised the tech had him do the more complicated field vision tests because kids Casey's age can't really grasp what's going on.
At the end of the exam the doctor seemed to be on the same page I was. He said there was some slight nearsightedness that could be set right with dilation. Seeing as Casey is already full of anxiety at any doctor because of dreaded SHOTS, the last thing I felt like doing was traumatizing him with eye drops and dilation. The doctor agreed. He asked us to come back in a year and make sure iPad time was limited and that he didn't hold things he reads too closely to his eyes. The joys of parenting are sometimes more than I can bear. I'm so glad the child doesn't need glasses, we just need to work on some self-control it seems.

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Coodence said...

i'm not sure about that tylenol ADD thing. Where's Crusty weigh in on that?

i think i got from this that that kid doesn't need glasses? good deal, right?