Levity Live

Husband is a huge fan of stand-up comedy and podcasts. On Friday, my coworker mentioned that one of Husband's faves was going to be at the new comedy club that just opened in Oxnard: Levity Live. The headliner was Bryan Callen who just so happens to have been in everything ever made. A real funny girl from a podcast whose name I can't recall was first, followed by Stevie Blue Eyes. He was so good and from Boston and is a cancer survivor and an ex-con. Go figure. Bryan Callen killed it. I swear I laughed from start to finish. Excellent show.
The venue itself still looks like it's under construction. We were greeted at the door by a line-up of hosts ready to show us our seats. The service was prompt and friendly. The tables in front were a bit snug but it was worth it for the view and for its intimacy forcing us to make friends with our table mates. The food was basically bar food but delicious; we had peach bbq wings and pretzels with beer cheese. If you got the big ol' 20 oz. beers as part of your two-item minimum, you got to bring that bad boy home. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back.

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