Date Night!

On Saturday night we went for sushi dinner and shopping at Salzer's video. The food was delicious and I got six Disney DVDs for $50
Then we waited in a long line for a long time to get into Levity Live to see Jo Koy. Husband insisted I take this picture of our wrists and was very specific that I post it to Instagram in black and white like we're a couple of club kids.
We got great seats and texted this photo to BFF. Then they had a contest where you could put a selfie on Instagram with a whole bunch of @ and # and they would pick a winner to meet Jo Koy after the show. After this I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.
Well guess what?! We won! We got free tee shirts, a DVD and got pushed to the front of the VIP line where Jo Koy took a selfie of us and I got to tell him that thanks to his comedy, BFF has been calling me Joseph for a super long time. He responded with "Ah, I love you!" and I left a very happy girl. I laughed so hard throughout his show that I thought I would die and I ached the next day in my sides and on my face. Plus Husband and I stayed up way past our bedtimes and remembered how old we were when the children woke us up at the crack of dawn on Sunday. The End.

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