Book Review

Last night, Casey and I finished James and the Giant Peach. This is our third Roald Dahl book in a row and I foresee us reading more in the near future. I remember first reading this book in sixth grade in our enrichment reading class. We all took turns reading aloud and there were a few occasions where the caterpillar called the other bugs "ass" and we all lost our minds and giggled uncontrollably because we got to read a curse word. Clearly I am a potty mouth at home because this word went right over Casey's head. I couldn't remember much about the book but I definitely forgot about the weird cloud people making rainbows and storms high in the sky. It's such a fun story about a boy escaping an unhappy home and making new and unusual friends while on an otherworldly adventure atop a magical peach. I have really enjoyed Dahl's books because they have some dark qualities while being simultaneously very silly. As we watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory on Sunday night, it was delightful to hear the late, great Gene Wilder speak that very specific Dahl gibberish of nonsense words as if it was the most normal thing he did that day. There is a certain joy in sharing such special things from my childhood with my son and I can't wait to do it again with my daughter when she is old enough to appreciate it.

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