Book Review

Another month, another book! Casey and I finished up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in record time! I only missed one chapter of this book and that's because Grandma Friday took over so we could have a date night. I think that was a good enough excuse. The only familiarity I have with this story is the very bizarre Gene Wilder movie that I mainly watched while experimenting with hallucinogenics. There, truth's out. As I was reading this to my son, I couldn't help but make comparisons and wonder how such a mostly light-hearted book could have been twisted into such a weird movie. The stories are so similar it's just one is pretty dark and the other is considerably more humorous.
The story is about a very poor boy named Charlie who has a very lucky day and finds one of five golden tickets to not only win a life-time supply of chocolates but also a visit to Wonka's factory. One by one, the four other naughty children break the rules and are essentially disqualified from winning the grand prize at the end. No spoilers. It's funny reading this as a mom because I was totally able to seize the moment and make it into a cautionary tale to warn Casey to not be bossy or spoiled or gluttonous or lazy! Win win! Some really horrible things happen to those kids, just like in the movie. Dahl was a disturbed but talented genius, for sure. Anyway, it was a good read and I'm glad we got through it. Can't wait to see which one Casey picks next.

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