Weekend Pics

I really like how the cell phone photos I take all the time can be so easily added here. My new little photo album diary blog brings me so much joy. I hope you enjoy, too.
 I got my hair cut.
 I realized I murder flowers so I re-did my patch with heartier succulents and such.
 Saturday was a very home bound day so we did chores and had some nude pool time.
 Christine is in town so Dalton joined in on the fun. Then we had a pizza party and a fire and some s'mores and it was just the perfect summer day.
 Sunday was a BBQ and pool time at Gaga's. 
 I love how nicely the cousins play together. Can you believe my niece's tan?
And we ended our weekend with the Muppets and a sassy up-do.

Not too shabby. I stinkin' love when friends are in town and we can be outdoors all day and we have impromptu family reunion barbecues. I love being in the water and playing in the dirt. It's too bad I keep forgetting I am a white person, though, because my sunburn today is gnarly. 

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