The Game

Saturday was the Padres game with BFF & MIKE. My cousin lives very close to Petco Park so her husband gave us a ride there and all bets were off. It's a good thing we weren't driving because all of our favorite breweries were being sold there. It was hot in the sunshine but after the 7th inning we made our way into a nice air conditioned bar and cooled down. What a beautiful park and a great time.
 We stood and applauded as these fine young people paraded past us for a solid minute.
Something about stilts near the Fourth.
 Chilling in the park
 Husband loves Tony Gwynn and throwing that huge arm in front of me.
 Told the guy at the beer stand that it was my first game and he signed a card for me that now proudly resides on my refrigerator. 
 Not sure I can actually handle all of this patriotism. I sobbed during this tribute of an empty seat for the POWs and I sobbed during the anthem. America.
 There's our friends. Not sure if you can see the flag guard down there.
 Nice little helicopter flyover on a perfectly lovely day.
Have I mentioned how much fun we have? #burritoface

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