Movie Review

Husband took Casey down to the airport on Saturday to pick up my in-laws so I decided to take my mom and Christa to see The Secret Life of Pets. I saw the previews but other than that, I had no preconceived notion of what this movie was about. Since Christa loves animals, it just seemed like a good movie to take her to. The story is about an apartment building in New York, full of pets, and what said pets do when their owners are gone for the day. Max, a cute pup voiced by Louis CK, and his new shelter dog "brother", Duke, are the main characters. Max is not stoked when Duke comes home and there's a bit of an alpha dog struggle that ends up with the two of them separated from their owner and on the lam from the dog catcher.
I will say, this movie got a little bit dark and may have been a bit too much for my wee two-year old. She liked the pets a lot but got a bit antsy when the "flushed pets" in the sewer and the alley cats became the focus. Much like her brother, she seems to be quite sensitive to conflict and bad guys. The story was very cute and it was such a treat to hear Dana Carvey as the voice of a crippled old doggie. The animals were all quite lovable and fun but I can't say I'd tell you to rush right out and see this in the theater. New York plays its own character so that was very enjoyable; I just love that city. However, my favorite part of the whole movie is when Duke and Max gorge on hot dogs to the song from Grease. It's hilarious.
(Three generations right there)

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