This morning I stopped at my favorite local liquor store to pick up a bottle of beer to gift my coworker on his birthday. I love this place, which I shan't name here because I've been sworn to secrecy in regards to this occasion - because there is always a huge selection of IPAs. I go in almost every pay day and buy an assortment for Husband and myself so I've made friends with the owner and a couple of the guys that man the shelves and registers. This liquor store has been around since I was a kid and one of the boys I dated used to stock shelves.
As I was checking out with a bottle of Modern Times, the owner asked if I'd grabbed the can of coffee they were making. I hadn't heard of it but he said it was very popular so I helped myself to a couple cans. While I was checking out, I regaled him of our trip to Petco Park and how many awesome beers they had on tap and how we couldn't help but get drunk on such an awesome selection in such heat. He went on to reminisce about a Sierra Nevada event and threw the name "Pliny" in there. I told him how that's like the Holy Grail for Husband and our pals because we never see it anywhere.
He kind of leaned in and told me that he carried it but it wasn't on the shelves. He never advertises it and only mentions it to people he really likes. I guess it costs him a pretty penny to send the guys up there and they're only allotted a certain quantity so he didn't want to sell it to just anyone who might dare complain about the price or the quality. Well, I guess I'm one of those special people because after he swore me to secrecy he sold me two bottles and I think would have sold me more had I asked. It's sort of fun to be involved in this weird little secret society. I'm deeply smitten with the Mike Hess Habitus Double IPA so they've gone out of their way to stock it for me. The guys always go out of their way to recommend something new and I'm never disappointed. It's nice having friends in high places.

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