Goodbye, Hamburger Helper

Okay, the truth is I love Hamburger Helper. I make it about once a week. It's not the healthiest thing but it is easy. The other truth is, I could try harder in the kitchen. In essentially the time it takes to make that sodium-laden garbage, I could be making healthier meals or I could even venture to open my Rachel Ray 30-minute meal cookbook. There's a part of me that's very insecure about cooking still but when BFF sent me a recipe for 30-minute skillet lasagna I had to try it. I'd sent it to Andrea and she liked it so I decided to make my in-laws my guinea pigs.

How delicious does that look? It tasted that delicious, too! My only modification to the recipe was substituting the ground beef with ground Italian sausage. The in-laws and I all had second helpings. Poor Husband, he had to work so he'll have leftovers tonight. It makes enough to serve at least six to eight people. My confidence was definitely boosted when I was able to make and serve this meal; I highly recommend it.

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