Weekend Pics

 Casey spittin' game at a classmate at the park.
 Little Miss Fearless
 Gorgeous Sunset
 Dancing in the Rain
 Boy do I love this.
 The Bee-day Girl! 
 Putting the kids to work dismantling the bun's hutch.
 Headed to the Sea
 He loves to taunt the sea.
She mostly just runs from it.

Sometimes I'm so proud of all we are able to squeeze into a weekend. On Friday, we went out to dinner after the park. On Saturday, we ran errands and headed to hang with BFF & Co. for Josie's beeday party. On Sunday, we cleaned up the yard (and the house), had a picnic at the park for a play-date with Casey's school bestie and hit the beach as a family. I wonder often how much of this the kids will remember. I wonder if they'll appreciate how much dang fun we have.

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