Smarty Pants Dance

 This is Casey's best school friend, Dylan. Wee blond haired, blue eyed cuties.
 Today I volunteered at his class picnic and I helped with stilts.
 Those kids are fun. I'm glad I went.
 This here is Sydney. She was born hours before Casey in the same hospital. Her mom, Christine Mom Jeans, was a friend of mine before we got knocked up and sort of drifted apart. She and I hung out for a bit today and it was nice and fun and I hope we do it again.
 These kiddos in his class are all so cute. 
And I just could not be more proud of my son for receiving a math award to close out his Kindergarten year. He'd been awarded two citizenship awards this year but I like to know he's a smarty pants, too, despite the fact that I see him do his homework and he can read all the things without prompting these days. Boy, time flies. 

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Coodence said...

he's so cute. he looks so proud!!