Little Mermaid Live

On Saturday, Husband and I got to see The Little Mermaid Live at the Hollywood bowl. My friend Miss Deanna had won the tickets and asked if I wanted to go. Considering TLM is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, I jumped at the opportunity. It was an amazing show and I can only hope they do this with all Disney classics at some point. We got treated to superstar composer Alan Menken warming up the crowd on his piano while singing a medley of all his greatest hits which were basically a summary of my childhood. Then the show itself blew our doors off, including a solo violinist performing a beautiful medley of TLM songs. Absolutely a once in a lifetime treat.
 Hollywood Bowl has stacked parking that is not cheap so we decided to take the less expensive, thirty-minute shuttle from Chatsworth. Creepy photobomber has no chill. 
 A nice man took our picture in front of the sign. 
I'd have preferred less leg and more of that poster.
 Why yes I did force Husband to take a picture of me with Ursula.
 And he rewarded me with a Big Gulp of wine.
 Clearly we thought this was pretty funny. That place was packed, by the way.
 Here is Rebel Wilson as Ursula stealing Sara Bareilles as Ariel's voice.
 John Stamos as the chef trying to kill Sebastian.
 Titus Andromedon as Sebastian.
 Huge fireworks finale.
 Surprise guest, Jodi Benson a.k.a. the real Ariel doing a nice little encore of Part of Your World, making me cry real tears and covering my body in wee goosebumps.

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