Go, Doyers!

Before I left my old job, a vendor of mine was nice enough to give me tickets to last night's Dodgers game with access to the Stadium Club. We left early on the hottest day of recent history and decided to have some "road sodas." By the time we got to the stadium, many a beer had disappeared. We were polishing off the last of them, when I thought it would be a good idea to dump the ice out of the cooler. Minutes had passed when two bike cops rolled up to tell us we could get ejected for tailgating. We had to hand over our tickets and our IDs and hope for the best. They were kind enough to not kick us out and let us go with a warning after we poured out the last of the beers. Because my brother is the man he is he said to the officer, "Hey so just to be clear was it the ice that gave it away?" And of course it was. Because I have no idea how to be slick or sly or subtle or how to break rules. Way to go, Randi. Super stoked the cop could confirm all that.

 Everyone and their mother was already enjoying the AC so there were no indoor seats available. We sat in the shade at least but it was still 97 degrees.
 Watching Kershaw pitch at field level was amazing. Not gonna lie.
 Saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read Ice Cube's a pimp.
So hot, you guys. Hot, hot, hot. Not pictured here? The armless man to the right of Husband. He did have a weird little claw, though, he could hold his keys with. Yup.

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