Father's Day Pics

My brother set up the motor home at the rincon yesterday so we all went out and had a picnic and probably one too many beers and frolicked in the sand and sea. Naturally we all forgot we were white people so the Fridays are a bit pink today but it was well worth it. A great time was had.
 My brother, the fisherman.
 Christa LOVES Ethan and I think he digs her most.
 Bathing beauty.
 That's me and the girl out there with Lici and Auntie Frances
And at the end of the day we recreated a picture we'd taken three years prior, my dad's last Father's Day. Kind of looks like the girls were leaving a space for their Papa if you ask me. He'd be so proud to see how great his grandchildren are becoming. Love my family.

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Coodence said...

yeah it looks like you just photoshopped your dad out of the top one. not like you would do that.