Date Night

For mother's day, Husband got me a gift certificate for The Painted Cabernet. Since I'd already been twice, I assumed this gift was so that he could go with me. And so we went yesterday to a special event they were having at Whole Foods.
After bombing on a quick meal of beer and chicken wings, we sat down with our paint and our complimentary beverage and got to creating an anchor. I'll be honest, after the incident at the ceramics place, I was concerned about Husband being overly competitive and not having a fun time.
He honestly was quite well behaved. I was the jackass that got carried away when it came to put paint splatter on the painting and straight whipped green paint at the lady across from me. Whoopsie! Overzealous much? He had a hard time leaving well enough alone so his painting was far from dry when it was time to leave but he did great. It was nice to get away from the kids for a bit and do something different for a change. Only trouble is, where do we put two anchor paintings in our house? His and hers. Ha!

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