Casey is spending summer at a day camp that my nephew attended for some time. It's held in the same Presbyterian church where I went to preschool. They do amazing things every day. A typical week looks like this: Museum, Bounce House Place, Movie, Beach, Pool. It's fun and engaging and Casey comes home exhausted so it's worth all the pennies we are scrounging to send him there.
On Tuesday, the head counselor, Mr. Jason, said that Casey was unusual. I wondered what he'd done this time when he said "Not in a bad way! He's just so easy going and nice. It's really different how he just goes along with the flow, super mellow." I took that as a compliment since it's always lovely to hear nice things about your kid. This is especially poignant because on his last day of Spring camp, Casey got in trouble for saying "shit" in a celebratory, exclamatory manner. 
Yesterday when I went to pick him up, the lady at the desk had a paper in hand and a look on her face. It was the same kind of paper I had to sign after the shit incident so I immediately asked what Casey had done. I was told he had done nothing; another camper had punched Casey in the face. This isn't the greatest news but I was assured he'd received an ice pack and things were being taken care of. When Casey came out, he didn't have any visible trauma to his face and didn't seem overly upset about it so I sort of shook it off. I mean, I was irritated but wondered if it was just a case of boys being boys. Sometimes things get unnecessarily physical between boys and I don't really know when to be concerned.
When I told Husband last night, he was considerably more upset than I was. I had been assured by the counselor that they would handle the other child. This morning, Husband had his own talk with the counselors and was informed that the other kid had been somewhat of a problem for being physical and yesterday's encounter was the last straw so they suspended him for a month. I guess he targeted Casey, which kind of makes sense now.
Have you ever tried to get information out of a five-year old? It's impossible. I asked Casey what had happened and he said he told the kid he liked his hat and the kid punched him. Casey assumed the kid thought he was going to take it. Then he said "Remember when that kid stole my sucker?"Which, no, I don't but it's nice to see he had a trend of being a jerk to my son. Husband's main concern now is that Casey will think that since he's been hit, it's okay to hit. My main concern is that he will dislike camp because of one rotten egg. I'm just glad my kid isn't the rotten egg, truth be told. It just sucks to have to think about any of this stuff. 

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