Weekend Pics

 Christa on her way to her haircut. Side-eye Champion.
 After. Yeah, that's her "Cheese" face.
 She was literally strutting out of her appointment.
 Worked a lot in my little patch of dirt.
 Great Dane in a Smart Car on the way to a birthday party.
 Mother's Day morning. "Cheese!"
 PJ Selfie
 Impromptu Farmers Market Sword Fight
 Me & All My Babies
 New outfit from Miss Kitty on a freshly woken baby face.
 Girly Cousins
 All things Let It Go.
Pottying together makes for good Mother/Daughter bonding time.. Cracks me up that she wants a book to go poo. Yup, she's basically trained. Even says "Mama potty?" so I will help her with her bottoms. I am very pleased with all the hours Mama Mia put into this. Christa didn't have one accident at Disneyland. Just sleeps in Pull-Ups now but it's mostly Chonie Town. My baby's growing up.

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