Two Weekends of Pics

Man I really do not dig letting the blog slide, y'all! Here's the pictures I missed, get caught up despite really not missing anything. Honestly, we stayed pretty close to home the last two weekends. Had some company and Husband had some call. Then this past weekend we all got nasty colds and the puppy ate a rock and had to be rushed to the vet and we thought she was going to die so all we did was some gardening and we even cancelled our anniversary dinner because... well all that run on sentence pretty much summed it up.
 My last Friday of unemployment I spent with the kids and this nap happened.
 Then on Saturday Christa played with Betty.
And on Sunday she dolled all up for mom to enjoy a Bloody Mary.
 This Saturday we spent my gift certificate at Green Thumb.
 And Christa apparently learned a new face.
 This was my "before" photo on Sunday.
 And my "after." Hopefully some of this takes off for my butterfly garden!
 I woke up feeling all sicky-face so we just swung under a blankie for a bit.
And baked cootie-laden banana bread. The End.

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