New Year, Newish Me Update

So tomorrow I turn 39 and I had really hoped to be down in weight by the time that happened but I have sort of failed miserably. I think the scale this morning said 224? That's not great. Not gonna lie. BUT! I have been moving a lot more in the past three weeks and I feel proud of that. I left my job on the 22nd of April and really wanted to walk more while I was off so I've been walking Casey to school and then walking Christa to Maria's. Here's how that went:
4/25 - 3,327 steps
4/26 - 10,370
4/27 - 9,823
4/28 - 9,001
4/29 - 13,765
4/30 - 3,604
5/1 - 3,362
5/2 - 8,577
5/3 - 13,020
5/4 - 17,518
5/5 - 18,585
5/6 - 2,405
5/7 - 6,413
5/8 - 9,237
5/9 - 3,380
That's an average of 8,825 steps a day. Can you guess which of those days were spent at theme parks? Ha! I haven't cut back really on the beer or the eating because I've really just been enjoying my time off. It's fine. Maybe I'll buckle down when I start the new job. Frankly, I'm proud of the things I have accomplished since I've been in between jobs. We paid off so many little things and replenished our savings. On Monday I swear I cleaned every nook and cranny of my house from like 10 am until 3pm. I've cleaned out drawers and toys and closets and ended up with so much stuff a yard sale is inevitable. We replaced our sad computer and our sad mattress. Our poor, neglected, 40-year old house is currently being extensively repaired to prep for exterior paint. Husband and I got our eyes checked and got some new glasses and my first pair of prescription sunglasses. Casey saw the doctor and we have had our hands full trying to get him to eat better and move more. We've taken the pups for shots and gotten Betty registered. We saw Jan at The Ranch and went on a wee vacation. I've had lunch with people I dig. Husband and I have gotten to spend more time together. Tomorrow is the birthday game with BFF and MIKE. Friday we have company spending the night. I just feel so good. It's hard to worry about the poundage when I have a brand new wardrobe. Really, can't complain. I'm super excited for the new job and new beginnings. Weeeee!

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that's so many steps!!