Weekend Pics

 Friday afternoon we kicked off our weekend with a new brewery in Ventura called Madewest. I wasn't overly impressed but the red rye was quite tasty. To me, if you're going to do the brewery thing, the first beer I smell shouldn't smell like I popped a Budweiser for my Gran. Stand out.
 Saturday morning Christa decided she was ready to go to the pool only that's for 
Disneyland and it's not even very warm out.
 I decided to look more like myself and lose the "long" hair.
 Husband was on call so I hit the mall.
 And accidentally got the kids toys from Build-a-Bear.
 And let them ride a big mall ride.
 Sunday Uncle came to make us a new fence before they paint our house
so the cousins came over to play and meet Mabel. 
It's a beauty!
 My bossy girl relatives made me draw Princesses with chalk.
 Don't look directly into those soul stealing eyes.
And when everyone was gone the picture above summed up how all of us felt. A week of unemployment and I'm still exhausted after a weekend with my kids. Go figure.

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