Memorial Day Weekend Pics

Impromptu beach visit
My loves
Anniversary dinner
She preferred sand to sea
Mr. Brave loved the ocean
Did lots of baking
And climbed a tree
And hiked a hill


Phone Haiku Friday

Dig the apple job
Working hard but not as stressed
And learning new things
I sure liked hearing
"You're management now, Randi."
It felt well-deserved
I like the people
And no micromanagement
It feels really nice


Rancho Viernes

Got a facelift! Oh man! This took up most of the time I was off "in between jobs." They patched all the crumbling stucco, cut off and replaced rotten wood and painted the heck out of the homestead. We replaced all the lights and a doorknob and some screens, too. I am so very happy. The green is called Edamame and the trim is a nice, buttery cream color and it's all pulled together by a red door, a personal dream come true. I'm so happy. This house has been "my gran's house" for as long as we have lived here and now it is ours. Money well spent. What a difference! I actually get excited pulling into the driveway now.


Two Weekends of Pics

Man I really do not dig letting the blog slide, y'all! Here's the pictures I missed, get caught up despite really not missing anything. Honestly, we stayed pretty close to home the last two weekends. Had some company and Husband had some call. Then this past weekend we all got nasty colds and the puppy ate a rock and had to be rushed to the vet and we thought she was going to die so all we did was some gardening and we even cancelled our anniversary dinner because... well all that run on sentence pretty much summed it up.
 My last Friday of unemployment I spent with the kids and this nap happened.
 Then on Saturday Christa played with Betty.
And on Sunday she dolled all up for mom to enjoy a Bloody Mary.
 This Saturday we spent my gift certificate at Green Thumb.
 And Christa apparently learned a new face.
 This was my "before" photo on Sunday.
 And my "after." Hopefully some of this takes off for my butterfly garden!
 I woke up feeling all sicky-face so we just swung under a blankie for a bit.
And baked cootie-laden banana bread. The End.


7 Years Ago

It's been quiet here at the blog but I haven't forgotten about the three people who still check in! The new job and all the house changes are keeping things really busy around Rancho Viernes but I wanted to quickly say "Happy Anniversary" to me and Husband. Seven years... this is when that itch starts right? Love him.


Haiku Friday

I turned 39
Entering my fortieth
Trip around the sun
All day with Husband
One-on-one time with Christa
And Besties Baseball
I'm feeling so great
Monday I start my new job
All seems nice and fresh


New Year, Newish Me Update

So tomorrow I turn 39 and I had really hoped to be down in weight by the time that happened but I have sort of failed miserably. I think the scale this morning said 224? That's not great. Not gonna lie. BUT! I have been moving a lot more in the past three weeks and I feel proud of that. I left my job on the 22nd of April and really wanted to walk more while I was off so I've been walking Casey to school and then walking Christa to Maria's. Here's how that went:
4/25 - 3,327 steps
4/26 - 10,370
4/27 - 9,823
4/28 - 9,001
4/29 - 13,765
4/30 - 3,604
5/1 - 3,362
5/2 - 8,577
5/3 - 13,020
5/4 - 17,518
5/5 - 18,585
5/6 - 2,405
5/7 - 6,413
5/8 - 9,237
5/9 - 3,380
That's an average of 8,825 steps a day. Can you guess which of those days were spent at theme parks? Ha! I haven't cut back really on the beer or the eating because I've really just been enjoying my time off. It's fine. Maybe I'll buckle down when I start the new job. Frankly, I'm proud of the things I have accomplished since I've been in between jobs. We paid off so many little things and replenished our savings. On Monday I swear I cleaned every nook and cranny of my house from like 10 am until 3pm. I've cleaned out drawers and toys and closets and ended up with so much stuff a yard sale is inevitable. We replaced our sad computer and our sad mattress. Our poor, neglected, 40-year old house is currently being extensively repaired to prep for exterior paint. Husband and I got our eyes checked and got some new glasses and my first pair of prescription sunglasses. Casey saw the doctor and we have had our hands full trying to get him to eat better and move more. We've taken the pups for shots and gotten Betty registered. We saw Jan at The Ranch and went on a wee vacation. I've had lunch with people I dig. Husband and I have gotten to spend more time together. Tomorrow is the birthday game with BFF and MIKE. Friday we have company spending the night. I just feel so good. It's hard to worry about the poundage when I have a brand new wardrobe. Really, can't complain. I'm super excited for the new job and new beginnings. Weeeee!


Movie Review

Last Monday my mom wanted a day date so we had lunch and saw a matinee of The Boss. I love Melissa McCarthy because she delivers the bluest lines with the sweetest face. She could probably read me a phone book and I'd die laughing so I agreed to go. Because I no longer subscribe to the E-Dub, I'm sorely out of touch with everything and didn't know anything about this movie. Just prior to departure, I looked up the Rotten Tomatoes rating and I have to say I was not impressed. I mean, 1 star? 19%? That's terrible. But mom wanted to go so we went.
Maybe it's because I was running on zero sleep but I laughed very hard watching this movie. Very hard. Don't get me wrong, it's by no means a good movie. The plot line is cliche at best: McCarthy's character is a very rich entrepreneur who is jailed for insider trading a'la Martha Stewart and once released has no one and nothing and has to work her way back to the top. There are over-the-top fight scenes (one involving the equivalent of two girl scout troops), bad jokes, a ridiculous "romance" between McCarthy and Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and the language is as foul as can be. Didn't matter. McCarthy and Kristen Bell have great comedic chemistry that made it all very tolerable. And as the credits rolled, I saw that it was produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and it all made sense. Maybe watch it if it's on cable sometime and you're sleep deprived. It won't necessarily disappoint it just wont necessarily impress either.


Weekend Pics

 Christa on her way to her haircut. Side-eye Champion.
 After. Yeah, that's her "Cheese" face.
 She was literally strutting out of her appointment.
 Worked a lot in my little patch of dirt.
 Great Dane in a Smart Car on the way to a birthday party.
 Mother's Day morning. "Cheese!"
 PJ Selfie
 Impromptu Farmers Market Sword Fight
 Me & All My Babies
 New outfit from Miss Kitty on a freshly woken baby face.
 Girly Cousins
 All things Let It Go.
Pottying together makes for good Mother/Daughter bonding time.. Cracks me up that she wants a book to go poo. Yup, she's basically trained. Even says "Mama potty?" so I will help her with her bottoms. I am very pleased with all the hours Mama Mia put into this. Christa didn't have one accident at Disneyland. Just sleeps in Pull-Ups now but it's mostly Chonie Town. My baby's growing up.


Haiku Friday

Two days at Disney
Everybody got so spoiled
What a lovely treat
Is such a perfect retreat
I'm glad we indulged
I loved park hopping
And meeting up with our friends
I'm just loving life 


Weekend Pics

 Friday afternoon we kicked off our weekend with a new brewery in Ventura called Madewest. I wasn't overly impressed but the red rye was quite tasty. To me, if you're going to do the brewery thing, the first beer I smell shouldn't smell like I popped a Budweiser for my Gran. Stand out.
 Saturday morning Christa decided she was ready to go to the pool only that's for 
Disneyland and it's not even very warm out.
 I decided to look more like myself and lose the "long" hair.
 Husband was on call so I hit the mall.
 And accidentally got the kids toys from Build-a-Bear.
 And let them ride a big mall ride.
 Sunday Uncle came to make us a new fence before they paint our house
so the cousins came over to play and meet Mabel. 
It's a beauty!
 My bossy girl relatives made me draw Princesses with chalk.
 Don't look directly into those soul stealing eyes.
And when everyone was gone the picture above summed up how all of us felt. A week of unemployment and I'm still exhausted after a weekend with my kids. Go figure.