Weekend Pics!

 I had to go to work on Saturday and just couldn't resist buying these gigantic donuts for the kids. They hardly made a dent but the look on their faces was worth every cent.
 My old friend Mandy & I reconnected after a decade apart and it was just like old times. 
I like what the universe is up to these days.
 Ducks in our neighbors front yard... random.
 On Sunday morning we went to my mom's for breakfast. We had fried dough a lot as kids so that was a fun trip down memory lane. Casey loved it because sugar was involved. Shocking.
 Then we headed to the barber shop for the St. Baldrick's fundraiser. Husband Before.
 Casey Before
 Bye, blonde locks! 
 By little hair you had left! 
 And after. My heroes.
 Casey really felt like a superhero when we told him he was helping sick kids. He lost an uncle he never knew to childhood cancer. It's something he should be aware of. I'm glad we can expose him to situations like this and he can show his bravery and selflessness. Good stuff.
 Then it was to Toys R Us to reward his good deed. Sis was in Paw Patrol Heaven.
Afterward, mom and dad drank many beers on the porch to recover from an hour spent at a toy store. Not a bad weekend at all. 

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