Phoned In Haiku Friday

Just under the wire
But I can't miss a haiku
Cuz I'm not working
This first week flew by
Got lots of things in order
Here on the homestead
Handlin' da bidness
Only two more weeks to go
Still so much to do


Weekend Pics

You can see so many on my flickr but here are the phone shots.
 Saturday morning Betty as a baby time.
 Fishing at Jan's with Dad
 Cornhole while waiting for Dad to fill the Growlers at Figueroa Mountain
 Feeding Jan's Goats
 Not just tineh ponehs, but baby tineh ponehs
 My love
 Future Derby Girl
 Casey's too cool to smile so I had to tickle him for this. 
 Solvang means kids in a hug clog.
 These 2 are figuring it out.
 But if you ask Gaga, she is not a fan of dogs.
Mabel Baby is so small. 
When she's not sleeping, she isn't still enough to photograph.


Haiku Friday

Well, it's official!
I'm the Customer Service 
Manager. Woohoo!
I'm starting Mid-May
It's been a helluva week
Patience is stresful
Just feel so grateful
For the network I've nurtured
Glad I've got good friends


Kids and Puppies

It's a sad day. Prince died. Let's clear our palates. 


Tuesday Musings

On Saturday morning, my mom and I went shopping and I was able to get essentially a brand new wardrobe. I'd gone up about two sizes since the last time I went shopping and didn't realize how demoralizing it was to look into a stuffed closet full of clothing that simply wasn't wearable. After spending hours and many dollars, I came home and basically pulled out anything that wasn't flattering or fitting and replaced them with my new duds. I can't tell you how gratifying it was on Sunday morning to open that closet and know everything fits. What a boost to the ego. I felt better in the clothing and my mood definitely improved. Also, while shopping, I resigned myself to the fact that I am now in "women's" sizes and that made the whole thing so much more tolerable and enjoyable. Trying to convince yourself that your size matters is exhausting.

Last week I had my interview and it went quite well. For an hour, I detailed the ins and outs of my current position to the President and Vice President. I was told they would get back to me early next week and yesterday morning the President called to offer me the position pending his calls to my references. Because I was referred to him by a trusted colleague at their sister plant and came armed with a glowing letter of recommendation, I am 100% confident that my references will not be an issue. He essentially told me this offer was "in the bank." My current salary will be met so that's absolutely perfect. They are also aware of the flexibility I will need due to the fact that I am the mother of two little ones and are absolutely fine with it. He talked a lot about potential not only for growth, but quick advancement. When we hung up, I may have screamed a lot and danced around. I may have been actually glowing because I felt so happy and proud and great.

This whole month has reeked of cliches like "out with the old and in with the new" or "you get back what you put out." Honestly, I'm living the "close one door and another one opens" life right now. Sometimes I feel so anxious about everything going so well. It's almost as though I am afraid something terrible will happen to balance it all out again. Yesterday I got in the car to meet my mom for lunch and when the radio came on "Isn't She Lovely" was playing. That was the song dad and I danced to at my wedding and whenever it comes on, I feel like he's reminding me he's there. My guardian angel. It's all working out and I would like to think he has a lot to do with it. I hope this winning streak continues and that it is infectious.


Weekend Pics In No Particular Order

 Christa and Dada love the wowows.
 Puppy Love
 Date night! 
 She can't get enough of the "cute puppy" who she calls "Meemaw"
 LOL at how mean I am. But potty training is great! 
 Air Force one with Friends
 Straight wreaking havoc.
 Warm weekend! Cooling off mama's toe toes.
 Trying to snatch the camera.
Eating Cheetos in the nude in the afternoon sunshine. Living the life.


Haiku Friday

Got myself a pup
She was born on Valentine's
Only two months old
Just a tiny thing
She's the size of our bunny
Makes Betty look huge
Now potty training
Both Christa and Miss Mabel
It's good they're so cute


Hump Day Musings

So my no beer drinking, walking during the week challenge is sort of on hold this week. I had to take my car in a couple times for squeaky brakes and new tires and a 25K mile service. It's just too much to squeeze in any extra right now. I'm just trying to do whatever is easiest and what's happiest. All this upheaval and uncertainty makes it hard to relax, hard to sleep... It's a seismic shift and I'm doing my best just trying to get by. I haven't stepped on a scale in a while. I did walk four times last week, though. Not too shabby. Bah.

So on that note, when I decided to accept the offer to leave my job I really chose to sort of let go and see what the universe had in store for me. I have enough coming to comfortably take some time off. I really wanted to get back what I put out, so to speak. Last night, I got a call from a company I didn't even apply to because a lady I interviewed with about three weeks ago spoke very highly of me. Then that company representative said he talked to one of my customer friends who was close with my dad and felt even more encouraged. I have an interview tomorrow!

When I talked to my mom about needing interview clothes, she said she'd take me out for a $500 shopping spree. For no reason. Why? I don't know. I guess because I'm not awful?

One of my vendors who loves me and loves working with me just gave me four field level tickets with access to the Stadium Club and parking at a Dodgers game. Just because!

I brought my car in for squeaky brakes only to find out my tires were bald but because I went to a spot for tires where I have been a loyal patron I got four new tires for $375! The guy gave me a discount just because he remembered my face!

I gotta say... being able to let go of the bad, to close the door on something not so great, has really opened up opportunities for the good to come knocking and pour right in. I sure hope this streak continues.



Weekend Pics!

 I had to go to work on Saturday and just couldn't resist buying these gigantic donuts for the kids. They hardly made a dent but the look on their faces was worth every cent.
 My old friend Mandy & I reconnected after a decade apart and it was just like old times. 
I like what the universe is up to these days.
 Ducks in our neighbors front yard... random.
 On Sunday morning we went to my mom's for breakfast. We had fried dough a lot as kids so that was a fun trip down memory lane. Casey loved it because sugar was involved. Shocking.
 Then we headed to the barber shop for the St. Baldrick's fundraiser. Husband Before.
 Casey Before
 Bye, blonde locks! 
 By little hair you had left! 
 And after. My heroes.
 Casey really felt like a superhero when we told him he was helping sick kids. He lost an uncle he never knew to childhood cancer. It's something he should be aware of. I'm glad we can expose him to situations like this and he can show his bravery and selflessness. Good stuff.
 Then it was to Toys R Us to reward his good deed. Sis was in Paw Patrol Heaven.
Afterward, mom and dad drank many beers on the porch to recover from an hour spent at a toy store. Not a bad weekend at all. 


Haiku Friday

The word is out now
That I'm leaving QPS
It feels official
A roller coaster
Happy, sad, scared, excited
All the emotions
Time to start over
I know it will all work out
What a leap of faith


New Year Better Me? Indeed

As I said in Friday's haiku, I have really fallen off the no beer during the week train, it's continuing into this week and shows no sign of stopping. Considering all the crap I have been going through at work, I'm not that worried about it. On Friday the 25th I was sort of confronted at my job about my attitude and a red flag went up and I've been on edge ever since. I decided to stop taking Prozac because I need to solve the root of my problem and not just mask the symptoms. I was on my period and my heart just wasn't in taking care of myself in the right way. On top of that, I had a cough and was just not feeling 100%. I didn't walk very much until Saturday when the family went to the zoo. On Sunday I found a beautiful pair of new running shoes and felt motivated to get back on that horse.

These are the shoes. On Monday I walked in them for the first time and they were glorious. I did 2.57 miles in 39 minutes. Husband has always been a fan of Brooks and I'm totally going to cosign that. Nike's got nothing on these bad boys.
Pretty right? Took this on the floor of my bathroom at work as I was cooling off. I start off so pretty in the morning with my hair styled and make up on and then from 1 PM on it's ponytail status and sweat face. Sexy.
That spot right there? Lower back sweat. Yeah, man. Felt good. At the end of the day I'd clocked 6554 steps and I felt so confident. Husband had the late shift at work on Tuesday so I asked if he'd join me at lunch to walk. Before he got here, I got the news that I was being asked to leave my job where I have worked for a decade. I was offered a very nice severance package that was impossible to refuse and it was like my life hit the reset button. Husband and I chatted all about it on our 45 minute, 2.46 mile walk. This morning the scale said 222 and now I know what I'm working with.

These new shoes are making walking so nice. I looked back and realized I'd gotten my last pair in March of 2012 so clearly I was overdue. On Monday night I realized I'd washed and dried my earbuds so hopefully they work when I try to use them today on my walk. I've decided that I'm going to take May off and really start the job search in June. I'd like to focus on getting centered and focused. I know my frame of mind has been in a bad place for a while now. At the end of April, I will be leaving the company my dad built. I will no longer walk past his office and see he is not here. My family-level devotion to work will no longer exist. I think the stress levels will plummet. If this isn't a sign to take care of me, I don't know what is. I'm not a religious person but I told Maria this morning "God has the plan, not me." That's not to say it's all in the hands of the Universe; I have a lot of work to do. It's just going to be much different this time around.


Weekend Pics

 She just looked so cute on Friday!
 Betty and I headed into the office on Saturday morning.
 Took the kids to the zoo.
 It was Ape Awareness Day. The difference between apes and monkeys is a tale. 
Apes don't have one. You're welcome.
 The new baby, Chad. His first time out. He's a week old.
 Lady lions were not taking their eyes off that baby.
 Santa Barbara drive being all gorgeous and making my hay fever go on over drive.
 Sunday at the book store. Get comfortable, Fridays! 
 Christa in her dog shirt reading dog books to a dog puppet.