Weekend Pics!

Good Friday off work
So I'll play Haiku Catch Up
Such a fun weekend
Lots of time with kids
Lots of good food and good drink
I have a good life
Had some work BS
That made me think about things
Nice new perspective 

 Thursday night Casey tossing
 Friday pool playing
 Manicure by Lici Niecy
 Tits McGee with Baby Josie
 Family Brewery Time
 Dying eggs
 Not too shabby! 
 Easter baskets! 
 The aftermath of marshmallows for breakfast.
 Casey Bunny
 Christa Bunny
 She never lets this happen. Frilly socks and pretty shoes? TEEHEE!
When Bunjamin stands like this, it makes my life a better place.

1 comment:

Coodence said...

all of our lives are better for bunjamin in his waiting like a gentleman pose