Weekend Pics

 Went to a "Thirty-One" party at my boss's house in the hills of Camarillo on Friday night. That's the view of the Conejo Grade from their balcony. Amazing. Faith based bags? Not so amazing but I bought one nonetheless.
 Saturday morning donuts in matching jammies.
Inside the Airstream at Whole Foods for lunch. 
 I had the crayons but nothing to color on so we used dishes.
 Date-night with Husband celebrating 10 years since he first commented on my blog. We had sushi and went to a movie. Good times.
 Sunday morning book reading. Love.
 We did Color Me Mine for the first time.
 Casey chose a lion that he gave blue eyes.
 Husband painted a giant coffee mug with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. This guy takes everything he does super serious. He was half an hour longer than the rest of us. 
 I made a flower pot.
Christa chose a "cat cat." Meow.

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Coodence said...

yay to all of this