Superhero Double Feature

Remember I said we went to a movie on date night? We went to see Deadpool. It was so good, you guys. It has a hard R-rating for a reason yet some ignorant tools still brought their kids. Sigh. Come on, people. There's terrible language, full frontal nudity, and way graphic violence that added up to a real good grown up fun time. There was one part in particular where Husband laughed so hard, I'm not entirely sure if the other audience members were laughing at the movie or at him. As funny as it was, the torture part was kind of hard for me to stomach. I like how Deadpool basically breaks the 4th wall to mock its own existence and how it didn't take itself too seriously. Ryan Reynolds did such a kick-ass job and he is just so funny. And so ripped. Good lord. Anyway, I recommend this movie with two giant thumbs up and I'm happy for him that he has such a hit on his hands. The soundtrack was so much fun and we stayed til the end of the credits for a nice little surprise that was well worth the wait. Good, good stuff.

We're a little bit on the late train with Ant-Man but Husband had said he'd heard good things so I bought it for him with a gift card I'd gotten. I'm such a nice wife. I knew we couldn't go wrong because everyone loves Paul Rudd! We finally got to watch it on Sunday even though it didn't hold Casey's interest for very long. This was another fun movie. I guess I'm a sucker for Marvel but I like that they're not taking themselves too seriously. Paul Rudd is goddamn adorable. I don't know Evangeline Lilly but her wig was the worst thing in the movie. I guess that's a compliment for the film? I feel like it took a little too long to get to the action but it was still interesting and silly and engaging. I found it easy to like Ant-Man for one of the the same reasons I liked Deadpool and that is because I wasn't overly familiar with either character. Batman and Superman and the X-Men have all been done so many times in so many forms that even though I enjoy them, they're not exactly fresh or new. The Avengers, referenced in both films, are making superheroes interesting again and that's something that makes me quite happy. Additionally, the trailers for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad also look super dope.

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