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First off, how good am I doing going to the movies again!? We hardly went now it's like once a month. Dang does that please me. An acquaintance invited us to a special private screening of Zootopia last Saturday that was a fundraiser for her daughter's Girl Scout troop. Because it was at 9 a.m. and I knew other people would be dragging all their children, I decided to take both of mine - on my own! - since Husband was on call. I consider this Christa's first movie because last time I took her to the theater she was just a silent, sleeping blob of a one-month old. In another "outside the box" move, I made it a play date with Casey's school friend, mom and sister. Neat right? Trying new things.
This special screening was unique in that there was not one preview so we jumped right into the movie; perfect for a crowd of squirmy children! Zootopia is about a country bunny who wants to be a police officer in the big city but no one really believes in her because she's just this tiny little thing destined to be gobbled up by a tough world full of predators. Because she's a determined bunny, she not only makes it onto the force, she also wants to be more than the meter maid they assign her to be. Her boss puts her on an impossible missing persons case so that she could fail and he could make her quit. She makes an unlikely ally with a sly, conman of a fox and they're on the job! And what a silly, twisty adventure it turned out to be.
There are a lot of very grown up jokes about things like bunnies that know how to multiply and a particularly silly scene at a nudist resort that were just so smart. The underlying themes of "race" (breed in this case?) dominance and drug use are subtle but they're definitely there. As adult as this cartoon could be at times, it was a very fun movie for the kids, too. Christa was entranced by the bunny and all the bright colors. She also got her dance on to Shakira's performance as a performing gazelle. Casey and his buddy Dylan were actually kind of afraid at times when the domesticated animals went wild. I particularly enjoyed the weasel named Duke Weselton that was a nod to Frozen's Duke of Weselton and Emmet Otterton that was a nod to Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Little things like that just give me so much joy. I highly recommend this movie. It was a hundred times better than the last Disney venture when we saw the not-so-good Good Dinosaur.

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