Humpday Check In

I didn't walk on Monday because it was a cold and windy rainy day. I'm also getting over a stupid cold and I was sort of exhausted so it was a good excuse to have a rest day. But yesterday I went back and forth all morning about whether or not I wanted to walk. I was still a little congested and it was breezy and chilly but I finally decided to cowboy up and I walked and it was the right choice. By the end of the day i'd logged 7786 steps on my wee pedometer that I do not carry all the time. That's some good stuff right there because there are 2000 steps in a mile, y'all. BOOM!

I've decided that Wednesday will be my challenge check-in day for blogging purposed. Because despite what I said about not blogging about my wee challenge, here I am doing just what I said I wouldn't do. Husband and I started February 15th trying to not drink beer during the week. The first two weeks, we made it until Thursday night. Last week we made it all the way to Saturday night. I had a couple glasses of wine on Friday night but I don't count that as beer so there. I'm stoked we are actually doing this and I feel like it's making a difference.
I started trying to incorporate walking on my lunch hour into my routine on February 22. The first week I walked three times, the second week I walked twice and that brings us up to date. I plan to walk today and made sure to bring my exercise clothes for the remaining two days of the week. I have also made an effort to make sure I'm bringing my salads and fruits and veggies for all five work days into the office on Monday so I have no excuses. I've been very good about snacking during work  hours and have kept it mostly to pretzels when the rations I have brought myself just aren't cutting it. I'm drinking more water too. I'm trying to eat smaller portions at dinner and am trying to limit the sweets I indulge in before bedtime because damn it I need something to enjoy. My homemade lemonade with a splash of cranberry juice has replaced my dinner beer. Who am I?
That brings me to today's weigh in. Last Wednesday the scale said 223. This week it said 221. When I started this, the scale was at 226. I'm very pleased with the results I am seeing. My goal when I started this was to lose 10 pounds by May 12th which is now 9 weeks away. I think I'm on the right track and that makes me happy. I tried to suck some enthusiasm about this loss out of Husband but he just sort of dead-eyed monotone told me "Good work, babe. I know it's hard to do when you get old." He's dead now. RIP.

Tomorrow I'm just going to keep on keeping on. Oatmeal for breakfast. My two cups of morning coffee. Banana and peanut butter for a morning snack. Salad and an avocado for lunch. Carrots for the afternoon snack. About 66 ounces of water by 5 pm. A 2-mile walk for thirty minutes of my lunch break. That's really my focus. Just trying to be as good as I can be during my 40 hour work week and cutting out beer Monday through Thursday. That's what I'm clinging to until it becomes routine. Bad habits are hard to break but I'm going to make them my bitch.

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Coodence said...

RIP, Dr. Brad! You were a good friend to us all.